Post War Conflicts

How will Syrian Parties Manage Resources?

As ISIS is retreating rapidly in Syria, the conflict among the main three parties on the economic resources intensifies.

Salam Sadi‏

Pressing Scenarios

Will Kurdistan Accept to Share Kirkuk’s Oil?

As Kirkuk’s oil management is split between the two parties, oil exports remained a subject of debate between Baghdad & Kurdistan.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Drivers and Challenges for Rehabilitation of Oil Industry in Iraq’s North

The Iraqi government prioritizes rehabilitation of the oil sector in northern provinces, especially after it regained control of Kirkuk

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Oil Implications:

How Would U.S. Benefit from Escalating Sanctions on Iran?

Plans by U.S. institutions including Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran can have direct impact on Iran’s oil and gas industry

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Investment Opportunity

What Drives Global Oil Companies Surging Interest in Mauritania's Hydrocarbon Potential?

Mauritania’s hydrocarbon sector is attracting more global oil companies, including Britain’s BP and US-based Exxon Mobil.

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Alliance of Producers:

Saudi – Russian Alliance Leading Oil Markets

The Saudi-Russian alliance and its operation mechanisms makes Russia an “unofficial member of OPEC.”

Ali salah

Restoring Balance

Middle East Energy Outlook for 2018

The Middle East energy sector faces a number of threats, the most prominent of which are fluctuating oil prices and cyber threats.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Economic Efficiency

How will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Future of the Oil Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to cause radical transformations in the oil industry, similar to other industries.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Signs of Containment

Can the East Mediterranean Avoid a Scenario of Military Escalation?

The increasing pace of exploration for new natural gas reserves in the east Mediterranean has caused an escalation of disputes.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Overlapping Interests

Significance of Iraq’s Shifting Position on Russian Oil Investments

Baghdad sees obstacles to cancelling Russia’s agreements with Kurdistan at a time when it needs Russian companies’ investments.

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Aِِccess to Influence

Why Tehran Attaches Great Importance to Iraqi Legislative Elections

Tehran’s wide interest in the Iraqi elections is driven by the view that they represent the main access to sustaining Iran’s influence.

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Constant Crisis

Fallout from ISIS’s Attack on the Libyan National Oil Corporation

Over the past three years, ISIS has stepped up its attacks on Libyan oil fields and ports in the oil crescent region.

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Costly Options

Will India Keep Buying the Iranian Oil After US Sanctions?

The Indian energy sector faces a dilemma amid the US administration plans to impose the second batch of sanctions on Iran in November.

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Potential Gains

Why Did India Exempt the Iranian Oil Payments from Taxes?

India is making strenuous efforts to expand its economic relations with Iran, following the actions taken by Washington.

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Possible Repercussions

Why is Iran Interested in the Venezuelan Crisis?

Iran is following closely and carefully the developments of the political crisis in Venezuela.

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