How did Iran deal with the newly imposed American Sanctions?

FARAS successfully launches a new Website


Red Sea Alliance

Containing Threats in a Turbulent Regional Order

Time for Ties

Saudi-Emirati Security Architectures in the MENA Region

The Turkish Lira

What Lessons can we Learn from its Downfall?

Scaling Protests

The Impact of Iraqi Protests on the Negotiations to Form the New Government


"Audience First"

FARAS successfully launches a new Website

From Inside Venezuela

Potential Scenarios of the Ongoing Crisis

Restoring its Role

European Efforts to Mediate Conflicts in the Middle East

Ongoing Conflict

Obstacles Hindering Short-term Stability in Libya


Cautionary Anticipation

How did Iran deal with the newly imposed American Sanctions?

Possible Rivalry

What is the Impact of al-Baghdadi Video Message on Boko Haram?

Consequences of Alignment:

Why do Qatar and Turkey oppose designating the Pasdaran as a terror group?

Shared Destiny

How Do Security Arrangements Tie the Rukban Camp to al-Tanf Base?



Heading towards “Open Confrontations” in the Middle East

Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam

Military Robots

How Artificial Intelligence will Change the Nature of Upcoming Wars?

Col. Thomas X. Hammes


Breaking Taboos

Domestic and International Implications of the Iranian Protests

Mounting Threat

Future of Terrorism in Europe

The Following Day

What to expect in the Middle East after Trump’s visit to Riyadh?

Security Implications

Smart Technologies Discussed