Political Transformations

Possible Scenarios

How Does the Sudanese Regime Respond to the Popular Protests?

Scaling Protests

The Impact of Iraqi Protests on the Negotiations to Form the New Government

Marriage of Convenience

Implications of Russian-Israeli Rapprochement on Iranian Influence in Syria

Turkish Elections

Abrupt Elections and its Effect on Ankara's Foreign Policy

Curbing Threats

Gulf States’ Motives in Supporting US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal

Subsequent Measures

How US Institutions will Implement the Withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal

Vision from Within

Mogadishu's approach to Deal with the Ports of Berbera

Protracted Conflict

The Prospects of Libyan Crisis Settlement in 2018

Arab Security at Stake

The Conflict over Regional Influence in East Africa

An Enduring Alliance

Overview of India-UAE Relations

Determinants of Competition

A Preliminary Map of Political Coalitions in the Iraqi Elections

Fabricated Crises

Why are Qatari provocations increasing against the UAE?

Strategic Shifts

Why is Sudan Swaying between Opposing Regional Axes?

'Not an Alliance'

An Assessment of the Iranian-Turkish Relations

Vision from Within

Where is Tunisia Heading?