Qatar Crisis

Fabricated Crises

Why are Qatari provocations increasing against the UAE?

The past few weeks has seen increasing signs of Qatari provocation against the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab Dr. Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab

2018 Calculations

Why does Turkey Resort to Hard Power in Tacking Regional Crises?

It can be argued that the current Turkish foreign policy is based on the ideas of Prof. Ahmet Davuoglu, as illustrated in his book.

Khorshid Delli Khorshid Delli

Gulf Summit

Are there Prospects for Breakthrough in the Qatar Crisis?

The Annual Arab Gulf heads of states’ summit is going to be held on December 5 & 6, in Kuwait. The first of its kind since the crisis.

Dr. Shady Abdelwahab and Yara Mansour Dr. Shady Abdelwahab and Yara Mansour

Ongoing Crisis

Qatari Defiance and the Status of the GCC Crisis

More than three months since the start of the Qatar crisis, yet hopes of a swift resolution seem remote, to say the least.

Cinzia Bianco Cinzia Bianco

Gradual Weakening

Will Doha’s Financial Position Deteriorate after Qatar Crisis?

The measures taken by the Arab quartet to halt Qatar’s funding of terrorism led to significant decline in Qatar’s economic performance.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Inventing Crises

Qatar’s Motives to “Politicize Hajj” Using the Iranian Approach

Qatar's call revealed the similarities between Iranian and Qatari policies in terms pf politicizing religious rituals.

Dr. Radwa Ammar Dr. Radwa Ammar