Qatar Crisis

Disharmony of Leaders

Motives for “Personal Revenge” Spread to International Relations

The impact of personal factors such as revenge, hatred, and disharmony between leaders has spread to the interactions between states.

Dr. Mubarak Mubarak Ahmed Dr. Mubarak Mubarak Ahmed

New Sponsors

Alternative Havens for Extremist Groups post Qatar Crisis

The regional and international pressures on Qatar led the leaders of terrorist organizations to look for alternative safe havens.

Ali Bakr Ali Bakr

Velayat of the Emir

Similarities between Qatari and Iranian Policies

The “Velayat of the Emir” has become the most important key to understand the mystery of the Qatari-Iranian strong relations

Dr. Mohamed Abbas Nagi Dr. Mohamed Abbas Nagi

Pragmatic Alliance

Why did Erdogan's Diplomacy Fail to Resolve the Qatar Crisis?

The main declared goal of the visit was the Turkish President’s desire to play a mediating role in the crisis between the Quartet countries and Qatar.

Dr. Amal Sakr Dr. Amal Sakr

Extremists’ View of States Allied with Qatar

The Qatar crisis has seen a flurry of significant developments after Turkey and Iran intervened declaring their solidarity with Doha.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Problematic Opportunity

Qatari Gas in a Changing World

Qatar’s ability to maintain its global ranking in producing and exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) is being questioned.

Ali salah Ali salah