Three Indicators

Forecast for a gradual recovery in oil prices

Oil prices are expected to rebound in the future, however, it is difficult to imagine prices returning to mid-2014 levels.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti

Doha's Losses

Economic Repercussions of Gulf-Qatar Rift

The rift’s repercussions on Qatar’s economy began to unfold, considering KSA's, UAE’s and Bahrain’s significance to its economy.

Ali salah Ali salah

Indicators of the Crisis

Will Qatar’s Financial Position be affected by the Gulf Countries’ Boycott?

The past days have seen many developments indicating that Qatar’s financial position started to feel the pinch of the current crisis.

Ali salah Ali salah

Various Motives

The Reasons of Turkey’s Bias to Qatar during the Gulf Crisis

As Turkish efforts of mediation stumbled, Ankara sided with Doha and provided it with political, economic and military support.

Abdel Latif Hegazy Abdel Latif Hegazy

The Strategic Gap

How does Iran Benefit from the Gulf Crisis?

With the eruption of any regional crisis a state of anticipation reigns over how the Iranian regime will exploit it in its favor.

Mohammed Khalfan Sawafi Mohammed Khalfan Sawafi

Serious Repercussions

How do Qatari investments in Boycotting Countries Get Affected?

Since the past decade, Qatar has invested its massive wealth in the acquisition of many financial and non-financial assets.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani Ibrahim al-Ghitani