Possible Intervention

Western Anti-ISIS Intervention in Libya

ISIS's expansion in Libya have prompted actions by the United States and Europe against the organization.

Multiple Obstacles

Does the Ramadi re-capture open doors to Mosul?

The strategy followed in the liberation of Ramadi City from ISIS has presented a new style.

Security Failure

Potential Consequences of Brussels Attacks

The most recent terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS sleeper cells have exposed a serious security failure in Belgium.

The Battle for Sirte

Political legitimacy or thwarting ISIS?

All Libyan parties were in a hurry to announce that they are deploying their military forces against ISIS in Sirte...

Migrant Dilemma

Motives behind Escalating Security and Terrorist Threats following the Munich Attack

The July 22 attack in Munich serves as a reminder that lone wolf terrorist attacks are increasing in European states.


Extent of Impact of the Battle for Sirte on Balances of Power in Libya Conflict

Implications of the military campaign "al-Bunyan al-Marsus", launched against ISIS, on the balance of power in the Libyan conflict.

Organizational Intervention

Causes and Implications of ISIS's Changing of Boko Haram Leader

It seems that ISIS is intending to restructure its relations with terrorist organisations that pledged allegiance to it.

Defining the “Lone Wolf” Phenomenon

Following several terrorist attacks similar to those which took place in Europe and Asia, the term “lone wolves” has spread broadly...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Clandestine individuals support terrorist groups

Terrorist attacks that have taken place in various countries recently indicate the presence of secret roles undertaken by individuals..

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Turkey’s Six Goals

Implications of the battle for Jarablus

What are the implications behind the battle of Jarablus on Turkish affairs?

Khorshid Delli

Cubs of the Caliphate

Why does ISIS use child suicide bombers?

What are the motives behind ISIS recruiting child soldiers?

Dr. Ammar Ali Hassan

Deepening divisions

Impacts of Haftar’s takeover of oil crescent

The impacts following Haftar's takeover of Libya's oil crescent have already taken effect...

Abdullatif Hejazi

Battle of Fallujah

Is Iraq ready to pay the price of freedom from ISIS?

Questions are raised surrounding the timing for the Battle of Fallujah, the chances of its success, and Iraq's future.

Hamed Al-Kefa'e

Home-grown Terrorism

The Potential ISIS Threat in South East Asia

What indeed is worrisome is how ISIS is able to reach out to the Asia-Pacific region and recruit citizens to fight in Syria and Iraq.

Shubhda Chaudhary

Jihadi Cooperation

Common Features between ISIL and Al-Qaeda

Obviously, there is increasing cooperation among the most extremist groups, ISIL and the most dangerous Al Qaeda...

Dr. Shady Abdelwhab