Patent Borders

Why Iran seeks security cooperation with Russia, Iraq and Syria

Iran's Security Cooperation with Russia, Iraq and Syria.

A new “Perestroika”

Controversy over another Gorbachev in Iran

The Supreme Iranian Leadership is concerned about the transformation of Iranian President Rouhani into another Gorbachev.

After Khamenei

US policy and Iran's pro-change reformists

Will US policy towards Tehran succeed in backing Iran's pro-change reformists?

Multiple Goals

President Rouhani's Europe Tour

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Europe tour aimed to achieve several goals. However, Rouhani’s policies face several hurdles.

Engineering Elections

Escalating Conflict - Rouhani & Hardliners

The significance of the escalating conflict between Rouhani and the hardliners on the outcome of the upcoming elections.

Potential Trajectories

The nuclear deal and Rouhani's presidency

President Rouhani seeks to capitalize on the positive implications of the nuclear deal to boost his chances of winning a second term.

Loose Coalitions

Implications of election results on Iran

The results of the recent Iranian elections have revealed significant indications.

Fresh Negotiations

Iran and the lifting of non-nuclear sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani seeks to have international non-nuclear sanctions to improve his stance domestically as he faces criticism.

Hardliner Escalation

Khamenei's Early Preparations for Succession

Criticism of Iran's Supreme Leader of the nuclear deal has laid the ground for a potential hardliner as Rouhani's successor.

Has Rouhani Started Preparing for the Presidential Elections?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is exerting unremitting efforts in order to boost his power to win the presidential elections

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Consequences of Rafsanjani’s Death on Iranian Politics

It seems the death of the former Iranian President will add to the list of problems facing the moderate movement he was leading...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How did Rouhani Avoid a "Venezuelan Scenario" in Iran?

Competition between Iran’s 12th presidential candidates that was held on May 19, 2017, heated up after their debates concluded .

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How Rouhani Won a Second Presidential Term?

Hassan Rouhani’s landslide reelection was announced after he received 57% of votes and defeated conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How Did Iran’s Pasdaran Deal with Presidential Elections' Results?

The IRGC announced they are working on a new surface-to-surface ballistic missile named “Deszul”.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Why Did Iran’s Khamenei Threaten Rouhani with Bani Sadr’s Fate?

Disagreement between Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani is likely to widen.

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