Saudi Arabia

"Revolutionary Iran"

Causes of Unjustified Escalation against Saudi Arabia

The long-standing crisis in Saudi-Iranian relations has a sudden and acute escalation on the backdrop of disputed regional issues.

Mostafa Salem Mostafa Salem

Negative Consequences

Saudi-Iranian Row on Regional Crises

Tensions between Riyadh and Tehran have negative consequences that affect security and stability in the whole region.

Three Scenarios

Russia's vision of the Syrian Crisis

Russia's scenarios illustrate that the Syrian crisis is far from over, despite all involved parties' bets on a military solution.

Diplomatic Movements

Prospects and hurdles for ending War in Yemen

One year into Operation Decisive Storm there are signs indicating a different stage of negotiations.

Tangled Interests

The Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Turkey

The Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Turkey, limits of agreement and difference.

Khorshid Delli Khorshid Delli

Response Options

How will Saudi Arabia deal with JASTA?

Saudi-American relations entered a new stage of tension after Congress passed JASTA on September 28, overruling the presidential veto.

Dr. Amal Sakr Dr. Amal Sakr