Pragmatic Alliance

Why did Erdogan's Diplomacy Fail to Resolve the Qatar Crisis?

The main declared goal of the visit was the Turkish President’s desire to play a mediating role in the crisis between the Quartet countries and Qatar.

Dr. Amal Sakr Dr. Amal Sakr

The Final Scenario

Prospects of Escalation in Qatar Crisis

FARAS held a workshop on July 13, 2017 titled “the Last Scenario: Prospects of Escalation in the Qatar Crisis.”

Future for Advanced Research and Studies Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Various Motives

The Reasons of Turkey’s Bias to Qatar during the Gulf Crisis

As Turkish efforts of mediation stumbled, Ankara sided with Doha and provided it with political, economic and military support.

Abdel Latif Hegazy Abdel Latif Hegazy

Indicators of the Crisis

Will Qatar’s Financial Position be affected by the Gulf Countries’ Boycott?

The past days have seen many developments indicating that Qatar’s financial position started to feel the pinch of the current crisis.

Ali salah Ali salah

Doha's Losses

Economic Repercussions of Gulf-Qatar Rift

The rift’s repercussions on Qatar’s economy began to unfold, considering KSA's, UAE’s and Bahrain’s significance to its economy.

Ali salah Ali salah

Creative Economy

The Gulf Investments’ Foundations in “Creative Industries”

The “creative economy” has become an important part of global economy during the past few years.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani Ibrahim al-Ghitani