How Would Political Tensions Affect German Tourism to Turkey?

The persistent tensions between the two countries appear to be propagating more obstacles for Germans traveling to Turkey.

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Mutual Hatred

Incitement Motives against Syrian Asylum in the Middle East

The dilemma of Syrian refugees has become so difficult that there are no practical solutions expected in the foreseeable future.

Mustafa Shafiq Allam

How are Syria’s Kurds Dealing with Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Referendum?

Despite the ongoing conflicts in the two countries, Kurds are willing to speed up steps that can be built on in the future.

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Regional Conflict

What does the Quick Finalization of the Battle of Tal Afar Mean?

Unlike the expectations, Iraqi forces finalized the battle of liberating Tal Afar quickly and with limited losses.

Dr. Muthana Al-Obeidi

What are the Goals of Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria?

Turkey seeks to prevent the Kurds from establishing “a new Kobani”, according to statements delivered by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Besieging Erbil

Turkey’s Options to Hinder Kurdish Independence

Turkey did not anticipate that its former ally, Massoud Barzani, would go to such great lengths in holding the Kurdish independence referendum.

Khorshid Delli

How did Kurdistan’s Secession Crisis Serve Iraqi PM Haidar Al-Abadi?

The Kurdish referendum has rendered great political services to Iraqi Prime-Minister Haidar alAbadi who emerged as the main beneficiary

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Divided We Stay

The Prospects of Inter-Kurdish Fighting in Iraq

The failure of the Iraqi Kurdish secession movement can be explained through lingering historical divisions among Iraqi Kurds.

Dr. Shady Abdelwhab

Drivers and Challenges for Rehabilitation of Oil Industry in Iraq’s North

The Iraqi government prioritizes rehabilitation of the oil sector in northern provinces, especially after it regained control of Kirkuk

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Will Turkey’s Central Bank Yield to President Erdogan’s Pressure?

There is lack of Implicit harmony between the Turkish president and the Central Bank over monetary policies .

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2018 Calculations

Why does Turkey Resort to Hard Power in Tacking Regional Crises?

It can be argued that the current Turkish foreign policy is based on the ideas of Prof. Ahmet Davuoglu, as illustrated in his book.

Khorshid Delli

The Illusion of the Empire

Explaining Erdogan’s Ottoman Fanaticism

The dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire dominates the policies and orientations of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Sameh El Ghary

The Ideological Triangle:

How does Turkey manage its relations with Sudan and Qatar?

Seemingly, Sudan may turn into a convergence point for a new alliance or regional axis comprising Turkey and Qatar.

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Potential Gains

Why is Turkey’s Boosting its Economic Presence in the Red Sea?

Through developing ever-closer ties with several African countries, Turkey seeks to achieve strategic and economic goals.

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Turkishization of the Crisis

Is Iran's Regime Employing the 'Erdoganian' Method?

If the current internal tensions ease, the Iranian regime may follow Erdogan’s method in dealing with his adversaries.

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