Various Motives

The Reasons of Turkey’s Bias to Qatar during the Gulf Crisis

As Turkish efforts of mediation stumbled, Ankara sided with Doha and provided it with political, economic and military support.

Abdel Latif Hegazy

Ankara’s Mobilization

Why does the "March for Justice" Constitute a Threat to Erdogan’s Regime?

The "March for Justice," led by Kemal Kilicdaroglu, revealed the growing opposition to the AKP and the Turkish president.

Mohamed Hamed

Extremists’ View of States Allied with Qatar

The Qatar crisis has seen a flurry of significant developments after Turkey and Iran intervened declaring their solidarity with Doha.

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Pragmatic Alliance

Why did Erdogan's Diplomacy Fail to Resolve the Qatar Crisis?

The main declared goal of the visit was the Turkish President’s desire to play a mediating role in the crisis between the Quartet countries and Qatar.

Dr. Amal Sakr

What are the Implications of the Russian-Turkish S-400 Missile Deal?

Turkey and Russia recently announced that their talks about the delivery of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile defense system to Ankara were now at a final stage.

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Turkish View Point

CHP as an Alternative

After the Constitutional referendum, intense light was shed on the main opposition party CHP, which was leading the “No” campaign.

Orhan Gafarli

What Drives Turkey’s Intensified Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration?

Turkey has recently launched vigorous efforts to increase its domestic oil and natural gas production to meet its domestic demands.

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What are the Implications of the Palestinian Issue for Turkey-Israel Relations?

Turkey-Israel relations have recently been caught in a new stage of political and media confrontations between the two countries.

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What Restricts Shifts in the Political Track of Syria’s Crisis?

Current data on the political and military situation in Syria indicate that the military aspect remains the dominant factor.

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Significance of the New Kurdish Arrangements in Northern Syria

The PYD continues its efforts and takes new executive actions with the aim of turning the federal system into reality.

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Disharmony of Leaders

Motives for “Personal Revenge” Spread to International Relations

The impact of personal factors such as revenge, hatred, and disharmony between leaders has spread to the interactions between states.

Dr. Mubarak Mubarak Ahmed

Faulty Contexts: Turkish options post-ISIS

Liberating Mosul from ISIS put Turkey before a difficult formula in Iraq

Khorshid Delli

Is a “Convergence of Necessity” behind Iranian Chief of Staff’s Visit to Turkey?

Turkey and Iran appear to be bent on upgrading political and security coordination over regional developments of common and special int

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Astana Talks

Turkey and Iran from Rivalry to Collaboration

An unprecedented level of military talks between Iran and Turkey have been marked by the visit of Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, to Turkey.

Orhan Gafarli

Is Iraq's Kurdistan Facing Economic Isolation Post-Independence Referendum?

Kurdistan's economy is likely to receive a blow, the severity of which hinges on escalatory measures taken by neighboring states.

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