Loose Coalitions

Implications of election results on Iran

The results of the recent Iranian elections have revealed significant indications.

Fresh Negotiations

Iran and the lifting of non-nuclear sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani seeks to have international non-nuclear sanctions to improve his stance domestically as he faces criticism.

Hardliner Escalation

Khamenei's Early Preparations for Succession

Criticism of Iran's Supreme Leader of the nuclear deal has laid the ground for a potential hardliner as Rouhani's successor.

A Third Supreme Leader

Future of Iranian policies after Ali Khamenei

The recent news about Khamenei's health has revived debate and questions on who will replace him in a peaceful transition.

Mostafa Salem

Why Iran is focused on the anniversary of the September 30th events

As the Iranian presidential elections draw closer, there is growing debate in political circles about many domestic and foreign issues

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Iranian Political Perspectives on the Escalating Tensions between Tehran and Washington

The growing tensions between Iran and the US have become a focal point of interactions among Iranian political forces.

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Why Did Ahmadinejad Defy Khamenei's "Advise"?

Ahmadinejad's announcement of his candidacy for the presidential elections will confuse the Iranian political forces' calculations.

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Why Did Iran’s Khamenei Threaten Rouhani with Bani Sadr’s Fate?

Disagreement between Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani is likely to widen.

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Motives behind Rising Tensions between Rouhani and the IRGC

The recent escalation between Rouhani and Jafari reveals that government's efforts will encounter significant obstacles.

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How did the Iranian Regime deal with the Protests?

The rapid spread of protests forced the Iranian regime to adopt concurrent strict measures to contain them.

Mohamed Mohsen Abo El-Nour

Successive Waves

Why did the #IranProtests Erupt Again?

After the relative calm in various Iranian provinces and cities, protests have erupted again in Shiraz, Najafabad, and BandarAbbas.

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Traditional Mechanisms

How Does the Iranian Regime Handle the Bazaar Protests?

The Iranian regime insists on adopting the same mechanisms, it used in December 2017, to handle the current wave of protests.

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Ever-Shifting Stances

Will Khamenei Maintain his Hardline Stance Against Washington?

One cannot rule out that the Supreme Leader would change his current approach towards Washington if he deems it 'necessary'.

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Frantic Efforts

How Does Iran Brace Itself for the Second Batch of US Sanctions?

Iran has moved towards upgrading its bilateral relations with some neighboring countries s preemptive measures to more US sanctions.

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