Double Shifts

Consequences of Paris Attacks

Consequences of Paris Attacks for European Domestic Affairs and Middle East Policies.

Non-Traditional Solutions for Dealing with the Refugee Crisis

With the heightened refugee crisis in the last two years, a number of states have witnessed an increase in illegal migration...

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Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Syrian Refugees in Local Economies

Several countries hosting Syrian refugees have adopted policies to integrate them in local economies...

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Motivations for European media transforming their stance on the refugee issue

A marked shift has begun to appear in the attitudes of various European media outlets reporting on the refugee crisis

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New Alliances

The rise of Europe’s right and its impacts on European Middle East policy

The rise of right-wing in Europe raises several questions about the transformation in the European foreign policy.

Bassem Rashed

The Economics of Closed Communities in the Middle East

New patterns of coexistence have emerged in the Middle East, as a result of the political and security pressures regional countries.

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Mutual Hatred

Incitement Motives against Syrian Asylum in the Middle East

The dilemma of Syrian refugees has become so difficult that there are no practical solutions expected in the foreseeable future.

Mustafa Shafiq Allam

2018 Economic Outlook for the Middle East and North Africa

Although the economic outlook for the region is expected to improve, internal stability in its countries will face several challenges.

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Ten Issues

Why Calls for Restoring Hope are on the Rise in the Arab Region

Recently, more individual and collective humanitarian and development initiatives were announced in the Arab region to restore hope.

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Shared Destiny

How Do Security Arrangements Tie the Rukban Camp to al-Tanf Base?

The Rukban camp on the Jordan-Syrian borders constitutes a double crisis of a humanitarian and political nature.

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