Motives for Killing

Assassination of Arab intellectuals by extremists

Does the assassination of Nahed Hattar present a new phenomenon in the Arab world, or is this a recurring trend?

Mohamed Basyouni

Widening Fallout

Jordan’s thoughts on the Battle for Mosul

Internal and external repercussions of the battle for Mosul and the impact on Jordan's security landscape.

Dr. Nadia Saad-Elddin

Connected Accounts

Have Egypt, Morocco and Jordan Benefited from the Fall in Oil Prices?

Low oil prices will have various benefits and drawbacks for non-oil producing countries in the Middle East.

Dr. Ahmed Kandil

Overlapping Calculations

Dimensions and Motives of Jordan's Role in Libyan Crisis

Jordan has taken an interest in Libya, serving an important role in the crisis.

Dr. Nadia Saad-Elddin

Suspicious Timing:

International Criminal Court’s Referral of Jordan to UN Security Council

The ICC on December 11, announced that it would refer Jordan to UNSC for failing to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

'The Dictatorship of Geography'

Correlation Between Regional Developments and Internal Protests in Jordan

The recent protests in several Jordanian cities have revealed the impact of regional crises, whether geopolitical or economic on Jordan

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

A Reflecting Mirror

How Does the “Past” Still Influence Middle East Dynamics?

Remnants of the past have become one of the drivers of the region’s interactions in 2019.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Shared Destiny

How Do Security Arrangements Tie the Rukban Camp to al-Tanf Base?

The Rukban camp on the Jordan-Syrian borders constitutes a double crisis of a humanitarian and political nature.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies