The cost of international military intervention in the Middle East

The cost of military intervention by international powers in the Middle East is determined by two main factors.

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Politicized Aid

How did aid to Aleppo fall hostage to geopolitics?

The political bargaining between the various players in the Syrian crisis is manifested in the bombing of aid convoys...

Mazen al-Olaywi

Response Options

How will Saudi Arabia deal with JASTA?

Saudi-American relations entered a new stage of tension after Congress passed JASTA on September 28, overruling the presidential veto.

Dr. Amal Sakr

Framework Agreement

Iran's tentative gains vs. a complicated domestic calculus

Multi-lateral diplomacy has made a breakthrough by reaching an unprecedented understanding between Iran and the P5+1 group.

Mostafa Salem

Regional Players

Gain Ground at Expense of International Stakeholders

The international stances against the Houthi rebels have receded, and there is no actual support for Abd Rabou Mansour Hadi...

Dr. Marwa Nazeer

New Realities

Changing the nature of US involvement in the Middle East

The US is not only planning to scale back on direct military intervention...

Dina Khanat

Limits of Continuity

Contradictory US Calculations for Yemen

Contradictory positions characterize the US policy on the ongoing Yemeni conflict.

Dr. Hammud Nasser Alqadami

Analytical Failures

From revolutions to Trump, why experts got their predictions so wrong

The difficulty of predicting political developments is partly due to the exceptional political changes witnessed across the globe.

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Taming Trump

Will the elected president moderate his policies after his election win?

Donald Trump’s speech, after his victory in the US presidential elections, revealed slight changes to the rhetoric used...

Mona Mustafa

The Impact of Trump’s Potential Policies on the Economies of the Middle East

What are the repercussions on Middle East economies should the President-elect's policies be carried out?

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The Implications of Extending American Sanctions on Iran

Tensions between Iran and the US have increased, especially after the US Congress’ decision to extend sanctions for another ten years.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Tehran’s Two Main Perspectives on Dealing with Washington

President Trump's policy of escalation with Iran has polarized camps within Tehran's political circles.

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Goals and Challenges Facing US Deployment in Manbij

The deployment of 400 American troops in the vicinity of Manbij has raised questions about the goals of the US administration in Syria.

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Confused Interpretation

How Iran Deals with US Foreign Policy Shifts

Disagreement within Iran’s decision-making circles about how to deal with the potential U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal is rising

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Possible Repercussions

The Implications of the US-Iranian Escalation on Regional Security

FARAS has hosted a special session on the American-Iranian escalation as and its implications on regional security

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