Immunity Certificates

Can immunity testing help us into post-lockdown life?

The ‘immunity testing’ will indicate the individuals who are immune enabling a smooth transition into post-corona life.

Hala Elhefnawy

Mounting Fears

How have the great powers dealt with the progression of the Libyan conflict?

Interest in the Libyan crisis grew internationality after GNA regained control over the West of Libya

Ahmed Abdel-Alim Hassan

Systemic Racism

Why did violent protests erupt in the USA?

The US has witnessed demonstrations in several cities because of the killing of African-American citizen.

Hussam Ibrahim

The Aftermath of Soleimani’s Assassination

What is Trump’s Administration Strategy with Iran?

FARAS hosted a video conference with Ms. Barbara Slavin examining the aftermath of Soleimani’s assassination and US-Iran relation.