'Not an Alliance'

An Assessment of the Iranian-Turkish Relations

The only issue agreed upon between Turkey and Iran with regards to their regional concerns is to preserve the status quo.

Orhan Gafarli

Afrin Operation

Has Turkey Resorted to a Deal with Russia to Intervene in Syria?

International mediations and superpowers’ pressures failed to put an end to Turkey’s intention to intervene militarily in Afrin.

Abdel Latif Hegazy

Opportunity or Threat

How is the Iranian Media Covering Turkey’s Intervention in Syria’s Afrin?

Turkey’s military intervention in Afrin, Syria, has triggered hot debate between experts and opinion writers of Iranian newspapers.

Ali Atif


Trajectories of Turkey’s Military Presence in Syria

Turkey announced seizing control of the Syrian city of Afrin on March 18, as part of Operation Olive Branch.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies