The Prague Doctrine

Czech Foreign Policy Orientations Towards the Middle East

Ten dominant orientations and governing moves have prevailed over the Czech Republic’s foreign policy towards the Middle East region.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Blunt Pragmatism

The Trump Administration’s Use of Foreign Aid as a Punitive Measure

Most American administrations, whether republicans or democrats, used foreign aid to achieve three aims that serve their interests.

Amr Salah Amr Salah

Getting Over the Shock

Tactics for Implementing Austerity Measures in the Arab World

The way recent economic reform programs have been implemented in the Arab world reflects similarities in countries’ approaches.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Smart Aid

Multiple Uses of Technology for Saving Lives in Conflict

On technological contributions towards humanitarian relief and aid.

Ahmed Zaky Osman Ahmed Zaky Osman

Politicized Aid

How did aid to Aleppo fall hostage to geopolitics?

The political bargaining between the various players in the Syrian crisis is manifested in the bombing of aid convoys...

Mazen al-Olaywi Mazen al-Olaywi