Politicized Aid

How did aid to Aleppo fall hostage to geopolitics?

The political bargaining between the various players in the Syrian crisis is manifested in the bombing of aid convoys...

Mazen al-Olaywi

Battle of Aleppo

Assad’s Strategy in Opposition held Areas

The Bashar al-Assad regime seeks to eradicate any armed opposition presence in Aleppo...

Rustum Mahmoud

New Forms of Regional Intervention in the Middle East

Borders have become one of the most prominent factors behind the escalation in conflicts and expanding scope of regional intervention..

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Why “Small Cities” Have Become Increasingly Significant in Crisis Countries

Most powers involved in current Middle Eastern conflicts focused on battles in major cities, now the focus leans towards small cities.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

The Challenges and Opportunities to Syrian Reconciliation after the Moscow Declaration

It appears that the Moscow Declaration, issued on Dec. 20th, 2016, will constitute a major turning point in the Syrian crisis.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Iran’s Vision for the Ramifications of the Battle for Aleppo

Iran welcomed the Syrian regime’s declaration of its complete control over Aleppo, after the last armed fighters evacuated the city.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies