Future Options

A smooth post-oil transition for the UAE

The UAE's successful state model applied to shift its economy from dependence on natural resources to developed industries.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti

Human Investment

Promising Opportunities for E-learning in the UAE

E-learning has become a top priority for the UAE, especially as it has a high potential for future development...

Suzanna Al-Massah Suzanna Al-Massah

Gulf Model

Future of Sovereign Wealth Funds as part of the global economy

Sovereign wealth funds are expected to play an increased role in oil-producing states that seek economic diversification.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti


UAE Model for supporting water supply technology

The UAE attaches an increased importance to the provision of water resources by promoting research and innovation in new technologies.

Dr. Ehab Khalifa Dr. Ehab Khalifa

Strategic Interests

Pillars of Stronger UAE-India Partnership

The UAE and India together represent a distinguished model of strategic partnerships.

Ibrahim Ghaly Ibrahim Ghaly

Neutral Support

Implications of Pakistan's position on Operation Decisive Storm

Pakistan is attempting to strike a balance between its Arab Gulf allies and Iran.

Ahmed Diab Ahmed Diab