Creative Economy

The Gulf Investments’ Foundations in “Creative Industries”

The “creative economy” has become an important part of global economy during the past few years.

Ibrahim al-Ghitani Ibrahim al-Ghitani

Promising Destination

Expansion of Emarati Banks in China

Emarati banks expanded their investments in China by opening branches and representative offices for several reasons.

Ali salah Ali salah

Securing Big Events

Disasters in Reverse

From the point of view of a Safety, Security, Defense, Emergency and Crisis management professionals, events are disasters in reverse.

Frank William Delgrosso Frank William Delgrosso

Gulf Summit

Are there Prospects for Breakthrough in the Qatar Crisis?

The Annual Arab Gulf heads of states’ summit is going to be held on December 5 & 6, in Kuwait. The first of its kind since the crisis.

Dr. Shady Abdelwahab and Yara Mansour Dr. Shady Abdelwahab and Yara Mansour

Fabricated Crises

Why are Qatari provocations increasing against the UAE?

The past few weeks has seen increasing signs of Qatari provocation against the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab Dr. Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab

An Enduring Alliance

Overview of India-UAE Relations

Indian PM, Modi, has visited the UAE for the second time in his close to four-year tenure as a guest of the World Government Summit.

Mohammed Sinan Siyech Mohammed Sinan Siyech