Political Economy

Encirclement Strategy

Changing US policy towards China

The new US “National Security Strategy” report which indicates the strategic benchmark of US foreign policy.

Duan Jiuzhou Duan Jiuzhou

Future Options

A smooth post-oil transition for the UAE

The UAE's successful state model applied to shift its economy from dependence on natural resources to developed industries.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti

Britain’s Earthquake

The political and economic implications of Brexit

Ongoing political and economic repercussions following the Brexit referendum results.

Dr. Marwa Nazeer Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Understanding China

Arabs should find it easy to understand China

In 2019, one of the most repeated statements around the world is: ‘It is very difficult to understand China’.

Dr. Narayanappa Janardhan Dr. Narayanappa Janardhan