Ankara's Motives

Implications of Turkish Troops' Incursion into Iraq's Mosul City

Entry of Turkish troops into Mosul indicates that Iraq may enter into a new chapter of internal strife.

Marwa Waheed

Maritime Terrorism

Consequences for the Middle East

Maritime terrorist threats are no longer scenarios put forth by international think tanks and early warning centers

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Targeted Killings

Why terrorist groups do not breakdown after leaders' assassination

Terrorist groups resilience despite assassinations.

Suffocating ISIS

Phase One of Raqqa's Liberation Begins

Liberating Raqqa can be understood within the context of the US relying on YPG forces, which is met with objection by Turkey.

The Battle for Mosul

Challenges to liberating the last bastions of ISIS in Iraq

The battle to liberate Mosul is of paramount importance to various local, regional and international parties...

Dr. Muthana Al-Obeidi

Broken Peace

Houthis and Moscow Hindering Negotiations

The Houthi rebels' rejection of the drafted political solution, presented by the UN Special Envoy, reveals their maneuvering attempts.

Mazen al-Olaywi

Unity in Aggression

Explaining the trends that incubate extremism

Important questions are raised about the environment that nurtures extremism...

Mohammad Mukhtar Qandeel

Organisational, not Ideological

What is next for Al-Nusra’s Split from Al-Qaeda?

Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani announced splitting from al-Qaeda, and the formation of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham.

Dr. Ayman El-Dessouki


Diminishing Financial Resources of Terrorist Groups

There has been counter-strategies utilized by terrorist organisations to overcome financial restrictions.

Mustafa Shafiq Alam

Incubating Contexts

Implications of the Nice Terror Attack…Why France?

Why is France a target of terror attacks? And what are the implications for France in this "new era"?

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Tacit Admission

Why Political Islamist movements do not explicitly condemn ISIS

Political Islamist movements have varied positions on the war on ISIS, none of which explicitly condemn the terrorist group.

Excluded Scenario

The opportunities and possibilities of cooperation between ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Yemen

The scenarios involved around ISIS and Al-Qaeda cooperation and their likelihood of expansion in Yemen.

Containment or Adaptation

Repercussions of Russian intervention on Turkish strategy in Syria

The Russian military intervention represents a definite setback for Turkish strategic goals in Syria.

US Participation

How Iraqi Government Forces managed to reclaim strategic territories from ISIS

Two main reasons behind the recent progress of the Iraqi government's armed forces in its war against ISIS

Impossible Duality

Fighting Terrorism in the West

Legislative amendments were enacted by France & Belgium to domestic laws in order to expand the powers of their counter-terrorism.