Assassinating the Experts

Motives Behind Targeting Scientists in the Arab Region

There are numerous interpretations for the targeting of scientists, in military, scientific or intellectual fields, in Arab countries.

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The Prague Doctrine

Czech Foreign Policy Orientations Towards the Middle East

Ten dominant orientations and governing moves have prevailed over the Czech Republic’s foreign policy towards the Middle East region.

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Scaling Protests

The Impact of Iraqi Protests on the Negotiations to Form the New Government

Despite the raging protests in central and southern Iraqi governorates, they did not alter the equations governing Iraqi politics.

Rustum Mahmoud

Limited Options

The Impact of US Sanctions on Relations between Iran and Iraq

The US economic sanctions on Iran will likely impinge on the economies of neighboring countries, particularly Iraq.

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Diminishing Influence

How Does Iran Deal with the Protests in Basra?

Protests in Basra come at a time when Tehran braces itself for the difficult strategic choices that it may face in the next period.

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Hidden Objectives

Reasons Behind Tehran’s Attack on the Iranian Kurdish Opposition in Iraq

This Iranian policy could have other consequences that may undercut its ability to cope with US pressure and sanctions.

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Numerous Factors

Why is ISIS trying to make a comeback to its previous strongholds?

ISIS seems to be intent on returning to the areas from which it was driven out or its influence has receded over the past period.

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A Reflecting Mirror

How Does the “Past” Still Influence Middle East Dynamics?

Remnants of the past have become one of the drivers of the region’s interactions in 2019.

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Tough Test

Baghdad’s Options Amid the Iranian-US Escalation

The current Iraqi crisis reflects the security developments in the region, particularly amid the US-Iranian showdown.

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Changing Roles

Foreign Actors' Influence on Arab Security

Clearly, the Arab world is witnessing radical changes that began prior to the U.S. occupation of Iraq in 2003.

Kurdish Viewpoint

How do Iraq's Kurds look at Mashriq's issues?

A workshop hosted by FARAS to discuss: 'How Iraq's Kurds look at the issues of the Arab East (Mashriq)'

Lack of Vision

Challenges of Rehabilitating Areas Liberated from Terror Organizations

Workshop on the political, economic and security implications of rehabilitating liberated areas from terrorist organizations.