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The New Frontier of Discovery

Challenges and Prospects of Cooperation in Outer Space

08 December 2022


Future for Advanced Research and Studies has released a new e-booklet: The New Frontier of Discovery: Challenges and Prospects of Cooperation in Outer Space, edited by Jaida Aboulfotouh and Yara Ahmed. This research study aims to examine the current regulations of outer space and to address growth opportunities and challenges in this new realm. 


In the first part of this research study, Jaida Aboulfotouh provides a historical outline of laws governing space, assesses the current rules of engagement, and finally showcases three limitations of the existing notions of outer space law. Secondly, Dr Saskia van Genugten evaluates the economic promise of 'space mining.' Finally, in the third and final part of this study, Dr Namrata Goswami sheds light on the role of geopolitics in the utilization of space resources and the different partnerships in space exploration programmes.

To view/ download a full copy of the e-booklet, click the pdf icon.