Fresh Negotiations

Iran and the lifting of non-nuclear sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani seeks to have international non-nuclear sanctions to improve his stance domestically as he faces criticism.

Return of the “Ahmadinejads”?

Iran's Response to Continued US Sanctions

Relations between Washington and Tehran are still marred by many differences even after the nuclear agreement came into effect.

Western Sanctions

Limited political consequences on Russia

The United States, the European Union and several other countries started imposing sanctions against Russia from March 2014...

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The Implications of Extending American Sanctions on Iran

Tensions between Iran and the US have increased, especially after the US Congress’ decision to extend sanctions for another ten years.

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The Repercussions of Escalations between the US and Iran

Escalating disputes between the US and Iran have entered a phase best described as a “test of intentions”.

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Will Western Companies Retreat from Investing in Iran?

It appears that the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran will obstruct the economic gains made by the latter in 2016.

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Regional States and the Use of Economic Sanctions

Middle East states set a new trend by resorting to economic sanctions to put pressure on major powers involved in regional conflict.

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Why did Iran Impose Sanctions on US Businesses?

Iran imposed sanctions on 15 US companies, and further threatened to label the US military and CIA as terrorist organisations.

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Sanctioning Iran

Is the International Community ready to Rehabilitate Iran?

Various Countries are ready to view Iran as an economic partner even if it means turning a blind eye to its more nefarious policies.

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Will Iran risk losing European support?

Since Trump has threatened to withdraw from the nuclear deal, Iran moved towards rapprochement with European countries.

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Why Border Crossings in the Middle East have become Increasingly Pivotal

Legal and illegal border crossings in the Middle East remain a key to understanding developments in the Middle East.

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Historical Predicament

Why does North Korea Cling to its Nuclear Program?

Despite years of international blockade to refrain it from developing nuclear weapons, North Korea has never inclined to their demands.

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What Challenges are Facing Sudan’s Transition Economic Reforms?

Sudan’s economy is moving into a new transitional period the positive impact of which will be visible in the medium- and long-term.

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Oil Implications:

How Would U.S. Benefit from Escalating Sanctions on Iran?

Plans by U.S. institutions including Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran can have direct impact on Iran’s oil and gas industry

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Growing Differences:

Reasons for the Worsening Tension between Iran and France

It seems that tension will gradually build up between France and Iran during the next period.

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