Incubating Contexts

Implications of the Nice Terror Attack…Why France?

Why is France a target of terror attacks? And what are the implications for France in this "new era"?

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Impossible Duality

Fighting Terrorism in the West

Legislative amendments were enacted by France & Belgium to domestic laws in order to expand the powers of their counter-terrorism.

France Protests

Implications of the escalating riots

France is gripped by growing protests staged by youth and union workers over proposed labor reforms, raising security challenges.

Defining the “Lone Wolf” Phenomenon

Following several terrorist attacks similar to those which took place in Europe and Asia, the term “lone wolves” has spread broadly...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Political Accord

Outcomes of the Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Paris

The Saudi Crown Prince's visit to France emphasizes the continuity of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Building Trust

Limits to the impact of cutting officials’ expenses

Several Arab and Western governments have adopted austerity measures intended to lower their budget deficits...

Bassem Rashed

The Phenomenon of Family Terrorism

On the rise of "Family Terrorism" in conducting terrorist attacks.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

New Actors Old Tricks

Implications of the French Presidential Elections

The 2017 French presidential election marks a shift in the history of the country that will affect EU, NATO and foreign policy.

Dr.William Gueraiche

The New French President's Orientations

A Perspective from the Gulf

The GCC interactions have become a recurrent phenomenon addressed in presidential elections, and the French election is no exception.

Mohammed Khalfan Sawafi

Electoral Shifts

Europe’s Future between Britain’s Decline and France’s Rise

The surprising results of British and French parliamentary elections reflect significant shifts in voters’ perceptions in the West.

Karen AbuelKheir

Different Calculations

European Countries’ Mechanisms for Dealing with the Gulf crisis

The European Union chose to deal with the Gulf crisis through maintaining what can be called “positive neutrality".

Bhaa Mahmoud

European Competition

French Mediation Efforts in the Libyan Crisis

France has resumed its intensified activity to push for a political settlement for the Libyan crisis.

Abdel Latif Hegazy

Growing Differences:

Reasons for the Worsening Tension between Iran and France

It seems that tension will gradually build up between France and Iran during the next period.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

New Volatility:

Lebanon after Hariri’s return

International pressures were placed on Hariri to dissuade him from his resignation, in order to maintain state stability.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Anti-terror Laws in France

What is at Stake?

If anti-terrorist bills met little resistance from the public at large, it is because they mainly target the Muslim community.

Dr.William Gueraiche