Lessons from Singapore

How Singapore dealt with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for Policy Makers

Dealing with Coronavirus, Singapore has led the way in dealing responsibly with the Pandemic.

Mohammed Sinan Siyech Mohammed Sinan Siyech

A Psychiatrist’s View:

Psychological impact of Covid-19

Across the globe the novel coronavirus affected most populations, spreading fear and panic in all regions.

Dr. Mohamed Abdelghani Dr. Mohamed Abdelghani

Immunity Certificates

Can immunity testing help us into post-lockdown life?

The ‘immunity testing’ will indicate the individuals who are immune enabling a smooth transition into post-corona life.

Hala Elhefnawy Hala Elhefnawy

Indispensable Masks

The Economics behind Mask Mania in the Middle East

Sales of medical masks, gloves, adhesive tapes and other protective equipment have soared in the Middle East after COVID-19

Future for Advanced Research and Studies Future for Advanced Research and Studies