Unity in Aggression

Explaining the trends that incubate extremism

Important questions are raised about the environment that nurtures extremism...

Mohammad Mukhtar Qandeel

Restrained Condemnation

Messages and Trends in Britain’s MB position

The British government’s December 17 release marks an important shift in British official position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Motives for Killing

Assassination of Arab intellectuals by extremists

Does the assassination of Nahed Hattar present a new phenomenon in the Arab world, or is this a recurring trend?

Mohamed Basyouni

Engineers of Jihad

A Study of the Connection between Violent Extremism and Education

Studying extremism and researching its root causes and associated phenomena has recently become a prominent topic of discussion.

Diego Gambetta and Steffen Hertog

Exploiting Danger

How the “globalization of fear” increases extremism within society

The fluidity and the uncertainty that prevails domestically and globally have led to a rise in the culture of fear among communities...

Mohammed Ezzat Rohiem

Is Taliban Shifting to New Terrorist Tactics?

Instability in Afghanistan has increased and escalated in the recent period due to the rise of terrorist attacks, especially by the Tal

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Las Vegas Wolf

Why does “ISIS” Claim Attacks Related to Community Violence?

ISIS was quick to claim responsibility for the Las Vegas attack, although various sources denied any affiliation with ISIS.

Mohamed Basyouni

Multiple Approaches

Despite terrorist threats in North Africa, Algeria did not witness terrorist operations ever since the In Amenas hostage crisis.

Dr. Fathi Boularas

Possible Rivalry

What is the Impact of al-Baghdadi Video Message on Boko Haram?

The identification between Boko Haram and ISIS has been clearly manifested in the movement’s insistence on the use of almost the same methods.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies