Thwarted Coup

Four Reasons Behind the Failed Attempt and its Aftermath

There are number of reasons as to why the coup failed, but more importantly what are the consequences of this failed attempt?

Khorshid Delli Khorshid Delli

Changes in Turkey

Restructuring Military Institutions after the Failed Coup

Ever since the failed coup attempt, President Erdogan has been tightening his grip over the military institutions.

Khorshid Delli Khorshid Delli

Two Conflicting Paths

Turkish Foreign Relations After the Failed Coup

The Turkish government is busy restructuring and securing its internal front. Such actions will reflect on foreign policy...

Abdullatif Hejazi Abdullatif Hejazi

Regaining the Lead

Reasons behind the AKP’s latest win

Erdogan's AKP regaining its majority in the parliamentary elections can not guarantee domestic stability in Turkey.

Leadership Clashes

Causes and Implications of Davutoglu’s Resign

Davutoglu’s resignation from office and resignation as leader of the AKP indicate widening differences with President Erdogan.

Reducing Losses

Turkey's Five Motives for Restoring Relations with Russia

Turkey's five motives to re-normalize relations with Russia.