Pressing Threats

Implementation of Military Conscription in the Gulf

Examining the motives and challenges behind implementing military conscription in the GCC states.

Dr. Eman Ahmed Abdel Halim Dr. Eman Ahmed Abdel Halim

Problems with disaster management centers in the region

The policies adopted by disaster management centers is a top priority for regional states...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Power of Twitter

Contradictory effects on Gulf public opinion

Exploring the various explanations for the popularity of Twitter in GCC countries.

Dr. Fatima Al-Zahraa Abdel Fattah Dr. Fatima Al-Zahraa Abdel Fattah

The Next Scenario

US Airstrikes in Syria: Implications on the Crisis in Yemen

There is a significant shift in the current US administration approach, led by Donald Trump, towards the crisis in Yemen.

Dr. Hammud Nasser Alqadami Dr. Hammud Nasser Alqadami

The Hyperloop

How Can Countries Benefit from Intelligent Transportation Systems?

Countries seek to harness modern technological innovations to revolutionize their industrial sector and transportation services.

Sara Abdul-Aziz Salem Sara Abdul-Aziz Salem

Gulf's Edge

How can Countries Utilize the 4IR to Boost their Economies?

The recent innovations witnessed herald a fourth industrial revolution (4IR), which will have effects on economies, and production.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti Dr. Ahmed Al-Safti