Britain’s Earthquake

The political and economic implications of Brexit

Ongoing political and economic repercussions following the Brexit referendum results.

Dr. Marwa Nazeer Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Double Shifts

Consequences of Paris Attacks

Consequences of Paris Attacks for European Domestic Affairs and Middle East Policies.

Impossible Duality

Fighting Terrorism in the West

Legislative amendments were enacted by France & Belgium to domestic laws in order to expand the powers of their counter-terrorism.

Restrained Condemnation

Messages and Trends in Britain’s MB position

The British government’s December 17 release marks an important shift in British official position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Possible Intervention

Western Anti-ISIS Intervention in Libya

ISIS's expansion in Libya have prompted actions by the United States and Europe against the organization.

Multiple Goals

President Rouhani's Europe Tour

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Europe tour aimed to achieve several goals. However, Rouhani’s policies face several hurdles.