Britain’s Earthquake

The political and economic implications of Brexit

Ongoing political and economic repercussions following the Brexit referendum results.

Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Double Shifts

Consequences of Paris Attacks

Consequences of Paris Attacks for European Domestic Affairs and Middle East Policies.

Impossible Duality

Fighting Terrorism in the West

Legislative amendments were enacted by France & Belgium to domestic laws in order to expand the powers of their counter-terrorism.

Restrained Condemnation

Messages and Trends in Britain’s MB position

The British government’s December 17 release marks an important shift in British official position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Possible Intervention

Western Anti-ISIS Intervention in Libya

ISIS's expansion in Libya have prompted actions by the United States and Europe against the organization.

Multiple Goals

President Rouhani's Europe Tour

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Europe tour aimed to achieve several goals. However, Rouhani’s policies face several hurdles.

Covert Funding

Moscow’s influence on European politics

What is the extent and nature of Russia's influence on European politics?

Repercussions on the Gulf

What if Britain leaves the EU?

Brexit will certainly have repercussions on the UK's economic ties with its trading partners, including GCC states.

Mariam Mahmoud

Western Sanctions

Limited political consequences on Russia

The United States, the European Union and several other countries started imposing sanctions against Russia from March 2014...

Dr. Alexey Dolinskiy

Is the Nuclear Agreement Between Iran and the P5+1 Group Still Fragile?

The Nuclear Agreement still faces challenges that have pushed some in both Iran and the US to call for cancelling of the Agreement.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Non-Traditional Solutions for Dealing with the Refugee Crisis

With the heightened refugee crisis in the last two years, a number of states have witnessed an increase in illegal migration...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Will the European Union Seek a Non-nuclear Dialogue with Iran?

Repeated visits of European officials to Iran is of important significance...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

New Alliances

The rise of Europe’s right and its impacts on European Middle East policy

The rise of right-wing in Europe raises several questions about the transformation in the European foreign policy.

Bassem Rashed

New Phase

Implications and Fall out of the Turkish Referendum

The outcome of the referendum on constitutional amendments in Turkey has a set implications on its internal and external affairs.

Abdel Latif Hegazy

Sanctioning Iran

Is the International Community ready to Rehabilitate Iran?

Various Countries are ready to view Iran as an economic partner even if it means turning a blind eye to its more nefarious policies.

Mitchell Belfer