Eastern Mediterranean Gas

Aggravated tensions between Egypt and Turkey

The power structures in the Eastern Mediterranean region have witnessed major changes throughout the past decades.

Karam Saeed

Domestic Priorities

What does Candidates' discourse reveal?

Three political issues are considered to be central in the speeches made by each candidate...

Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS)

State Voting

Implications of the 2014 Egyptian Elections

Many common negatives are absent from the 2014 presidential election...

Ibrahim Ghaly

Justifying Failures

The rampant use of victim-blaming rhetoric during Arab crises

Media is a crucial element in crisis management due to its significant role in disseminating information and countering rumors...

Dr. Fatima Al-Zahraa Abdel Fattah

Determinants of Steadfastness

Will Floating the Pound Be Corrective for Egypt’s Exchange Market?

Egyptian Central Bank stunned traders on November 3, 2016, with a decision to float the Egyptian pound (EGP) against the dollar (USD).

Ibrahim al-Ghitani

The Problems of the “Establishment” Political Parties in the Middle East

Establishment parties face, in the coming months, escalating crises impacting their performance, their alliances, and their survival.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Connected Accounts

Have Egypt, Morocco and Jordan Benefited from the Fall in Oil Prices?

Low oil prices will have various benefits and drawbacks for non-oil producing countries in the Middle East.

Dr. Ahmed Kandil

Reasons Behind "Provincial" Protests in the Middle East

On “fragile pockets” and “infinite revolutions” that compound instability in the Middle East.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Why rates of human organ trafficking are on the rise in the Middle East

The trafficking of human organs in the Middle East is referred to as a "silent crime"...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Imaginary Purity

Why sectarian terror is spreading in the Arab world

Over the past two decades, the region has seen a steep escalation in sectarian violence by terrorist organizations.

Mohamed Basyouni

New features in the region’s oil and natural gas sectors

Recent developments in the Middle East’s oil and natural gas sectors indicate the likelihood of a productivity boom

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How is Natural Gas Driving Politics in the Middle East?

Some views maintain that gas will replace oil in future conflicts and similarly influence global economy and international security.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

What Drives the Renewed Controversy about “The Angel”?

The curious case of Ashraf Marwan, the husband of Mona, daughter of former Egyptian president Abdel Nasser, continues to grab attention

Saeed Okasha

Security Actor:

Reasons for the Growing Role of Tribes in the Region

The roles played by tribes in several Arab states are growing and shifting from social tasks to security ones.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How Friday Sermons Reflected Middle East Interactions in 2017?

Friday sermons served as a mirror reflecting developments that occurred in 2017 and highlighted significant political topics and issues

Future for Advanced Research and Studies