Re-Integration Question

Is Terrorist Rehabilitation Possible?

Post the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US strategy always views a terrorist as a source of threat to US national security and...

Yousef Al-Dini

Withdrawal from Society

Will Isolationist Takfiri Groups Spread after ISIS Retreat?

On the retrogression of ISIS’ experience and the increasing number of isolationist takfiri groups

Mohamed Basyouni

Driving Forces

Top 10 governing concepts of world interactions in 2017

An overview of concepts that will most likely shape global interactions in 2017.

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Exploiting Danger

How the “globalization of fear” increases extremism within society

The fluidity and the uncertainty that prevails domestically and globally have led to a rise in the culture of fear among communities...

Mohammed Ezzat Rohiem

The Non-Religious Dimension of the Face-Veil in the Middle East

Recent years have witnessed an escalation in the passing of legislation in opposition to wearing the face-veil

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

The Politicization of the Movie and Drama Industry in the Region

The use of the movie industry has become an attractive tool of soft power for many governments in the region.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies