Scope of Influence

Why Is Putin Backing Trump?

Russian support for the Republican candidate in the upcoming US elections has raised questions on Russia's degrees of influence.

Dr. Ayman El-Dessouki Dr. Ayman El-Dessouki

Visible Contrasts

Will the first Clinton-Trump Debate Determine the Election Race's Outcome?

The repercussions on the US voting scene following the first debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Hussam Ibrahim Hussam Ibrahim

The GOP’s dilemma

Will Trump's scandals affect the race for Congress?

Donald Trump faced a severe blow when the Washington Post published a 2005 recording of him making lewd remarks about women.

Dr. Engy Mahdy Dr. Engy Mahdy

Analytical Failures

From revolutions to Trump, why experts got their predictions so wrong

The difficulty of predicting political developments is partly due to the exceptional political changes witnessed across the globe.

Mohammed Abdullah Younis Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Trump Challenge

Saudi Arabia’s uncertainty and points of leverage post US elections

Uncertainty is a key reason why Saudis are concerned about difficulties in dealing with President-elect Trump.

Dr. Amal Sakr Dr. Amal Sakr

Taming Trump

Will the elected president moderate his policies after his election win?

Donald Trump’s speech, after his victory in the US presidential elections, revealed slight changes to the rhetoric used...

Mona Mustafa Mona Mustafa