Cautious Policies

Pakistan's policies and the nuclear deal

How will Pakistan deal with the repercussions of Iran's nuclear agreement?

Five Goals

Iran’s interest in foreign militants in Syria

The Iranian regime takes an increasing interest in foreign combatants, especially in light of Iran's involvement in Syria and Iraq.

Restrained Conflict

Main Issues between Iran and Pakistan

A significant development is taking place in Iran-Pakistan ties, despite the existing issues between the two countries.

Neutral Support

Implications of Pakistan's position on Operation Decisive Storm

Pakistan is attempting to strike a balance between its Arab Gulf allies and Iran.

Ahmed Diab

Western Views

On Operation Decisive Storm and its consequences

The Saudi-led Arab military intervention against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup in Yemen is a highly significant development...

Bassem Rashed

Can Iran Create Basij-Like Forces in Pakistan?

Iran appears to be trying to repeat its experience of establishing paramilitary militias. Yet, this time it's in neighboring countries.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Multiple Pressures

Will the Influence of Haqqani Network Gradually Recede?

The Haqqani network poses significant threats to the security and stability of Afghanistan.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Blunt Pragmatism

The Trump Administration’s Use of Foreign Aid as a Punitive Measure

Most American administrations, whether republicans or democrats, used foreign aid to achieve three aims that serve their interests.

Amr Salah

Frantic Efforts

How Does Iran Brace Itself for the Second Batch of US Sanctions?

Iran has moved towards upgrading its bilateral relations with some neighboring countries s preemptive measures to more US sanctions.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

The Mirjaveh Operation

Why has Iran been keen not to escalate with Pakistan?

Iran has reacted swiftly after the kidnapping of 14 of its soldiers from the Basij and border guards along the Pakistani border.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Intertwined Affairs

Reasons and Repercussions of Exempting Chabahar Port from US Sanctions

The move seems to be closely related to Washington’s assessment of its relations with Asian powers, particularly India and China.

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