Rounding Corners

Why Iran introduced a new initiative to settle the Syrian Crisis

Iran introduced initiatives to settle the Syrian Crisis in order to confront accusations of stirring up regional instability

Suffocating ISIS

Phase One of Raqqa's Liberation Begins

Liberating Raqqa can be understood within the context of the US relying on YPG forces, which is met with objection by Turkey.

Show of Power

Implications of Intra-Iranian Controversy Over Russia's Use of Hamadan Air Base

Russia's recent use of Shahid Nojeh Air Base in Iran to conduct military operations in Syria has created divisions within Iran's elite.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Fragile Rapprochement

Have Turkey and Iran reached an agreement on Syria?

Turkish-Iranian rapprochement revolves within the bounds of regional issues, each of which affects deep-seated interests...

Rustum Mahmoud

Three Outcomes

The Consequences of the US-Russian Agreement

There are three factors that may hinder the drafted US-Russian Agreement concerning the Syrian conflict.

Rustum Mahmoud

Organisational, not Ideological

What is next for Al-Nusra’s Split from Al-Qaeda?

Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani announced splitting from al-Qaeda, and the formation of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham.

Dr. Ayman El-Dessouki

Two Conflicting Paths

Turkish Foreign Relations After the Failed Coup

The Turkish government is busy restructuring and securing its internal front. Such actions will reflect on foreign policy...

Abdullatif Hejazi

Patent Borders

Why Iran seeks security cooperation with Russia, Iraq and Syria

Iran's Security Cooperation with Russia, Iraq and Syria.

Containment or Adaptation

Repercussions of Russian intervention on Turkish strategy in Syria

The Russian military intervention represents a definite setback for Turkish strategic goals in Syria.

Three Scenarios

Russia's vision of the Syrian Crisis

Russia's scenarios illustrate that the Syrian crisis is far from over, despite all involved parties' bets on a military solution.

Russian Withdrawal

Reasons for the military scale back in Syria

The partial withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria reveals complex strategic calculations.

Five Goals

Iran’s interest in foreign militants in Syria

The Iranian regime takes an increasing interest in foreign combatants, especially in light of Iran's involvement in Syria and Iraq.

Peshmerga Crisis

Why and How Iran is Escalating against the Kurds

Iran is pursuing an escalatory approach against Iranian Kurds. This came as a direct result of the regional developments.

Turkey’s Six Goals

Implications of the battle for Jarablus

What are the implications behind the battle of Jarablus on Turkish affairs?

Khorshid Delli

Regional Alternative

Implications behind failure to reach US-Russian deal for Syria

Reaching a US-Russian ceasefire deal for Syria is fragile, so what are the alternatives for the US administration?

Rustum Mahmoud