Muslim Brotherhood

Possible Explanations

Is there a Relationship between Applied Sciences and Fanaticism?

One would ask how people trained in the empirical approach become fanatics and extremists, develop a fanatic concept about...

Saeed al-Masri

Tacit Admission

Why Political Islamist movements do not explicitly condemn ISIS

Political Islamist movements have varied positions on the war on ISIS, none of which explicitly condemn the terrorist group.

Restrained Condemnation

Messages and Trends in Britain’s MB position

The British government’s December 17 release marks an important shift in British official position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Islamic Exceptionalism

How the struggle over Islam is Reshaping the World

The influence of religion on political interactions in Muslim societies in the Middle East.

Shadi Hamid

Qatar’s Choices

How does Qatar manage its Crisis with the Quartet Countries?

Over the past years, Doha acted like it has a big margin of maneuver and that it can continue to exploit conflicts in the region.

Dr. Ammar Ali Hassan

Qatar's Syndrome

Why did Qatar Breach the Gulf Agreements?

CNN recently published the content of agreements signed between Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Qatar in 2013 and 2014.

Dr. Amal Sakr

Pressing Scenarios

Implications of the Gulf Crisis on the Situation in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen did not fall out of the scope of being affected by the diplomatic crisis between Qatar and the Quartet countries.

Ahmed atef

Regional Dimension

Implications of the Rising Terrorist Attacks in Egypt

Tensions have risen between the Quartet countries and Qatar over stopping the latter’s support for terrorism.

Dr. Shady Abdelwhab

New Sponsors

Alternative Havens for Extremist Groups post Qatar Crisis

The regional and international pressures on Qatar led the leaders of terrorist organizations to look for alternative safe havens.

Ali Bakr

Abbottabad Documents

How Did bin Laden Manage His Alliances with Iran and Muslim Brotherhood?

Amid heightened tensions between the US and Iran, the CIA has released a trove of documents of former al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

Salah Labib