Encirclement Strategy

Changing US policy towards China

The new US “National Security Strategy” report which indicates the strategic benchmark of US foreign policy.

Duan Jiuzhou

Pragmatism Over Ideology

A new phase between the Americas

The 2015 Panama Summit has shown itself as an important tool to build bridges on the road to a more fraternal, peaceful....

David Mier Galera

Suffocating ISIS

Phase One of Raqqa's Liberation Begins

Liberating Raqqa can be understood within the context of the US relying on YPG forces, which is met with objection by Turkey.

Three Outcomes

The Consequences of the US-Russian Agreement

There are three factors that may hinder the drafted US-Russian Agreement concerning the Syrian conflict.

Rustum Mahmoud

US Participation

How Iraqi Government Forces managed to reclaim strategic territories from ISIS

Two main reasons behind the recent progress of the Iraqi government's armed forces in its war against ISIS

Possible Intervention

Western Anti-ISIS Intervention in Libya

ISIS's expansion in Libya have prompted actions by the United States and Europe against the organization.

Fresh Negotiations

Iran and the lifting of non-nuclear sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani seeks to have international non-nuclear sanctions to improve his stance domestically as he faces criticism.

Return of the “Ahmadinejads”?

Iran's Response to Continued US Sanctions

Relations between Washington and Tehran are still marred by many differences even after the nuclear agreement came into effect.

Renewed Pressures

Iran's Approaches to Addressing International Terror Accusations

The mounting international community's accusations against Iran of supporting terrorism threaten new sanctions against Tehran.

Financial Siege

Hezbollah's expected Moves in response to the US International Financing Prevention Act

The United Sates recently imposed sanctions on Lebanese banks and financial institutions for dealing with Hezbollah.

Regional Alternative

Implications behind failure to reach US-Russian deal for Syria

Reaching a US-Russian ceasefire deal for Syria is fragile, so what are the alternatives for the US administration?

Rustum Mahmoud

Why Initiatives to Settle Regional Crises Failed

Most of the initiatives pushed to solve regional crises have failed to achieve their goals...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Transformations Between World Powers and Militias in the Region

Shifts in relationships between international forces and militias in the Middle East


Saudi Assets and Investments in the US

A report examining outstanding features of the economic relations between Saudi Arabia and the US

Mariam Mahmoud

Trump Challenge

Saudi Arabia’s uncertainty and points of leverage post US elections

Uncertainty is a key reason why Saudis are concerned about difficulties in dealing with President-elect Trump.

Dr. Amal Sakr