A Gulf Marshall Plan

How to Restore Economic Hope for Yemen?

Yemen's dire economic situation has been further exacerbated by the security and political commotion within the state.

Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Muti

Broken Peace

Houthis and Moscow Hindering Negotiations

The Houthi rebels' rejection of the drafted political solution, presented by the UN Special Envoy, reveals their maneuvering attempts.

Mazen al-Olaywi

Protracted Conflicts

Russian attitude determinants towards Operation Decisive Storm

Russian attitude determinants towards Operation Decisive Storm.

Excluded Scenario

The opportunities and possibilities of cooperation between ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Yemen

The scenarios involved around ISIS and Al-Qaeda cooperation and their likelihood of expansion in Yemen.

Diplomatic Movements

Prospects and hurdles for ending War in Yemen

One year into Operation Decisive Storm there are signs indicating a different stage of negotiations.

Neutral Support

Implications of Pakistan's position on Operation Decisive Storm

Pakistan is attempting to strike a balance between its Arab Gulf allies and Iran.

Ahmed Diab

Yemeni Political Parties

Various Stances on Operation Decisive Storm

It is necessary to outline the positions of Yemen's main political parties and see how the current events are affecting the state.

Ali Saleh Mousa

Operation Decisive Storm

Thwarting Iran's maritime stranglehold

The successive events in Yemen, following the launch of Saudi-led Operation Decisive Storm of a ten-country coalition in the early...

Ahmed Diab

Regional Players

Gain Ground at Expense of International Stakeholders

The international stances against the Houthi rebels have receded, and there is no actual support for Abd Rabou Mansour Hadi...

Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Sole Opponent

Fallout of Operation Decisive Storm for Iran

The pace of events in Yemen quickened as Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and their ally, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, took over...

Mostafa Salem

Western Views

On Operation Decisive Storm and its consequences

The Saudi-led Arab military intervention against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup in Yemen is a highly significant development...

Bassem Rashed

Limits of Continuity

Contradictory US Calculations for Yemen

Contradictory positions characterize the US policy on the ongoing Yemeni conflict.

Dr. Hammud Nasser Alqadami

Pressing Threats

Implementation of Military Conscription in the Gulf

Examining the motives and challenges behind implementing military conscription in the GCC states.

Dr. Eman Ahmed Abdel Halim

The Rise of Russia’s Political Role in the Region’s Conflicts

Russia has sought to enhance its role and impact in the conflict areas of the Middle East, via enacting a strategy of seeking allies.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies