Non-Religious Terrorism

Indicators and Causes of Spreading Racial Terrorism Across The World

Rising extremist rightist and nationalist trends, in terms of violent practices, contest traditional terrorist organizations.

Mona Mustafa

Maritime Terrorism

Consequences for the Middle East

Maritime terrorist threats are no longer scenarios put forth by international think tanks and early warning centers

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Targeted Killings

Why terrorist groups do not breakdown after leaders' assassination

Terrorist groups resilience despite assassinations.

Unity in Aggression

Explaining the trends that incubate extremism

Important questions are raised about the environment that nurtures extremism...

Mohammad Mukhtar Qandeel


Diminishing Financial Resources of Terrorist Groups

There has been counter-strategies utilized by terrorist organisations to overcome financial restrictions.

Mustafa Shafiq Alam

Incubating Contexts

Implications of the Nice Terror Attack…Why France?

Why is France a target of terror attacks? And what are the implications for France in this "new era"?

Mohammed Abdullah Younis

Protracted Conflicts

Russian attitude determinants towards Operation Decisive Storm

Russian attitude determinants towards Operation Decisive Storm.

Tacit Admission

Why Political Islamist movements do not explicitly condemn ISIS

Political Islamist movements have varied positions on the war on ISIS, none of which explicitly condemn the terrorist group.

Excluded Scenario

The opportunities and possibilities of cooperation between ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Yemen

The scenarios involved around ISIS and Al-Qaeda cooperation and their likelihood of expansion in Yemen.

Double Shifts

Consequences of Paris Attacks

Consequences of Paris Attacks for European Domestic Affairs and Middle East Policies.

Impossible Duality

Fighting Terrorism in the West

Legislative amendments were enacted by France & Belgium to domestic laws in order to expand the powers of their counter-terrorism.

Security Failure

Potential Consequences of Brussels Attacks

The most recent terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS sleeper cells have exposed a serious security failure in Belgium.

Renewed Pressures

Iran's Approaches to Addressing International Terror Accusations

The mounting international community's accusations against Iran of supporting terrorism threaten new sanctions against Tehran.

Financial Siege

Hezbollah's expected Moves in response to the US International Financing Prevention Act

The United Sates recently imposed sanctions on Lebanese banks and financial institutions for dealing with Hezbollah.

Migrant Dilemma

Motives behind Escalating Security and Terrorist Threats following the Munich Attack

The July 22 attack in Munich serves as a reminder that lone wolf terrorist attacks are increasing in European states.