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The 31st Edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

FARAS showcasing latest publications

24 May 2022

The Future Center for Advanced Studies and Research, FARAS, is showcasing an array of its recent publications at the 31st edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, held from 23rd to 29th May at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center, ADNEC.


The think-tank’s latest publication on display at its booth, located in Hall 12 (C14), include the ‘Future Books’ series, the ‘Trending Events’ periodical, ‘Strategic Reports’, ‘FUTURE briefs’, ‘FUTURE Indicators’, and others.

To celebrate this important event, the Future Center for Advanced Studies and Research has launched new publications to allow visitors to get a first hand-experience of the center’s research activities. These include the fourth issue of the ‘Strategic Report- Regional Situation: Major Interactions in the Middle East in 2022’. The annual report, authored by FARAS’s experts and researchers, which has its focus on long-term trends that took shape in the Middle East and were given rise by the previous year’s interactions. These are projected to impact the region the most during this year.


FARAS is inviting visitors of the fair to attend an event for launching and signing two new books on Thursday, May 26, at 4 pm at Hall 16, Capital Suit. The first book, “The UAE in 50 Years: Smart Diplomacy… Sustainable Development”, edited by Ali Salah, Head of the Economic Affairs unit at FARAS.

The second book, “Beyond Expo: Strengthening the UAE’s Soft Power.. Lasting Economic Impact… Innovative Strategies”. This new book was edited by Mostafa Rabee, Head of the FUTURE Indicators and Data Analysis Unit, and Ibrahim El Ghitany, Head of the Energy Studies Program.


On the sidelines of the book fair, FARAS is holding a seminar titled “Future Leadership: The United Arab Emirates Beyond 2020”, on Thursday, May 26. A number of FARAS researchers as well as Mr. Mohammed Khalfan al-Sawafi, an Emirati writer and expert in international affairs, are taking part in the event.

The discussion will shed light on the main characteristics of the world after 2020, especially regarding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global geopolitical developments in the wake of the war between Russia and Ukraine and its global consequences. The speakers will address the UAE’s preparedness for the future, the state’s approach to addressing new challenges and how to best use technology to preempt crises. The speakers will also highlight the UAE’s interest in social implications of sustainable development in its medium and long-term plans, as well as how it is tackling these implications in emergencies and crises.

Currently one of the most important cultural events organized in the UAE, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair reflects the cultural and knowledge boom in the UAE. In this year’s edition, more than 1000 publishers from 80 countries are taking part in the event which will also host 400 diverse events bringing together elite writers and thinkers from around the world.