Hawza Seminary Support

Why do Iranian officials resort to Qom?

Tuesday، June 07، 2016
Hawza Seminary Support

Hawza Seminary Support: Why do Iranian officials resort to Qom?

Iranian officials are keen on receiving support from the Hawza seminary in Qom. This is evidenced by President Hassan Rouhani's visit to Qom where he sought to win the support of the highest religious authorities over the nuclear deal so as to offset pressure from the fundamental conservatives, as well as to secure religious backing for his government's decision to boycott the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the country's Supreme Leader himself seeks to secure the authorities' support to ensure that no authorities from the Qom seminary would form a bloc to oppose him, despite the fact that their role should not be overestimated. That is because the Iranian regime does try to escape their fatwas (verdicts) whenever it wants to serve its interest. 

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