Peshmerga Crisis

Why and How Iran is Escalating against the Kurds

Iran is pursuing an escalatory approach against Iranian Kurds. This came as a direct result of the regional developments.

Why has Iraqi Kurdistan Region's Push for Secession Resurfaced?

The Iraqi Kurdistan Region's independence has sparked fresh debate after moves made by various Kurdish groups recently.

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Faulty Contexts: Turkish options post-ISIS

Liberating Mosul from ISIS put Turkey before a difficult formula in Iraq

Khorshid Delli

Is a “Convergence of Necessity” behind Iranian Chief of Staff’s Visit to Turkey?

Turkey and Iran appear to be bent on upgrading political and security coordination over regional developments of common and special int

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Is Iraq's Kurdistan Facing Economic Isolation Post-Independence Referendum?

Kurdistan's economy is likely to receive a blow, the severity of which hinges on escalatory measures taken by neighboring states.

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How are MENA Political and Security Tensions Impacting Oil Prices?

Over the past period, regional turbulence have impacted Brent crude prices to varying degrees.

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How are Syria’s Kurds Dealing with Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Referendum?

Despite the ongoing conflicts in the two countries, Kurds are willing to speed up steps that can be built on in the future.

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What are the Goals of Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria?

Turkey seeks to prevent the Kurds from establishing “a new Kobani”, according to statements delivered by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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How did Kurdistan’s Secession Crisis Serve Iraqi PM Haidar Al-Abadi?

The Kurdish referendum has rendered great political services to Iraqi Prime-Minister Haidar alAbadi who emerged as the main beneficiary

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Divided We Stay

The Prospects of Inter-Kurdish Fighting in Iraq

The failure of the Iraqi Kurdish secession movement can be explained through lingering historical divisions among Iraqi Kurds.

Dr. Shady Abdelwhab

Drivers and Challenges for Rehabilitation of Oil Industry in Iraq’s North

The Iraqi government prioritizes rehabilitation of the oil sector in northern provinces, especially after it regained control of Kirkuk

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Kurdish Retreat

Significances of the Iraqi Swift Victory in the Battle for Kirkuk

The rapid advance by Iraqi forces in Kirkuk raised multiple questions about the significance of the recent military operation.

Mohamed Al - Aidan

Realism Vs. Idealism

The US Stance on Iraqi Kurdistan’s Independence

While the US backed the Kurds, it rejected the independence of Kurdistan and chose a neutral stance without allying to either side.

Amr Salah

Messages of Resignation

Who Will Succeed Barzani in the Iraqi Kurdistan’s Presidency?

Barzani’s resignation sparked a debate about the implications and consequences of the decision on the future of the region.

Dr. Muthana Al-Obeidi

Continuous Complexity:

Possible Developments of the Political Crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Kurdistan regional government is in on the defensive internally and externally.

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