Multi-pronged Preemption

Morocco's Policies for Curbing the Phenomenon of Terrorism

Morocco applies a mixture of political, security and religious aspects, as part of preemptive state measures to counter terrorism.

Test of Popularity

Will the Islamists or Modernists win the Moroccan elections?

Parliamentary elections in Morocco will witness 6,992 candidates competing for 395 seats in the country’s House of Representatives...

Dr. Saeed Al-Sadiqi

Fragility or Balance?

The election results represent a new political reality with implications for the political party landscape in Morocco.

Sami Al-Salame

Connected Accounts

Have Egypt, Morocco and Jordan Benefited from the Fall in Oil Prices?

Low oil prices will have various benefits and drawbacks for non-oil producing countries in the Middle East.

Dr. Ahmed Kandil

Why rates of human organ trafficking are on the rise in the Middle East

The trafficking of human organs in the Middle East is referred to as a "silent crime"...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Consequences of Chaos

Reasons Behind the Increasing Politicization of Drug Control in the Middle East

Drug control in the Middle East is no longer a purely security issue, it is increasingly taking on political dimensions.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Three Challenges

How does Morocco approach non-traditional challenges?

FARAS hosted Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashemi for a seminar on how Morocco approaches non-traditional challenges.