Engineering Elections

Escalating Conflict - Rouhani & Hardliners

The significance of the escalating conflict between Rouhani and the hardliners on the outcome of the upcoming elections.

Potential Trajectories

The nuclear deal and Rouhani's presidency

President Rouhani seeks to capitalize on the positive implications of the nuclear deal to boost his chances of winning a second term.

Loose Coalitions

Implications of election results on Iran

The results of the recent Iranian elections have revealed significant indications.

Slim Options

On Essebsi's New Unity Government

What Lies Behind Tunisian President Essebsi’s Call for a New Unity Government?

Test of Popularity

Will the Islamists or Modernists win the Moroccan elections?

Parliamentary elections in Morocco will witness 6,992 candidates competing for 395 seats in the country’s House of Representatives...

Dr. Saeed Al-Sadiqi

Problematic Amendments

The fate of Al-Abadi’s new government in Iraq

Political blocs will not agree in full to list of candidates nominated by Al-Abadi, causing delays in forming a new government.

Hamed Al-Kefa'e

Domestic Priorities

What does Candidates' discourse reveal?

Three political issues are considered to be central in the speeches made by each candidate...

Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS)

State Voting

Implications of the 2014 Egyptian Elections

Many common negatives are absent from the 2014 presidential election...

Ibrahim Ghaly

Repercussions of Ahmedinejad's Withdrawal from the Presidential Race

The pressure on Ahmadinejad by many institutions within the Iranian regime not to run may be based on the following...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Fragility or Balance?

The election results represent a new political reality with implications for the political party landscape in Morocco.

Sami Al-Salame

Has Rouhani Started Preparing for the Presidential Elections?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is exerting unremitting efforts in order to boost his power to win the presidential elections

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Return of the Opposition

What the Elections in Kuwait Mean

The recent elections were held after five years of widespread popular protests that started at the end of 2011...

Dr. Hassan Abdallah Jawhar

Stabilising Army

Bouteflika’s succession dilemma and scenarios of change in Algeria

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s illness has shrouded the Algerian political landscape in uncertainty over who will succeed him.

Why Did Ahmadinejad Defy Khamenei's "Advise"?

Ahmadinejad's announcement of his candidacy for the presidential elections will confuse the Iranian political forces' calculations.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How would Iran's Next President Address Economic Problems?

Regardless of who will be the president, the Iranian economy is going through a new stage characterized by tough hardships.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies