Terrorist Attacks

Double Shifts

Consequences of Paris Attacks

Consequences of Paris Attacks for European Domestic Affairs and Middle East Policies.

Security Failure

Potential Consequences of Brussels Attacks

The most recent terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS sleeper cells have exposed a serious security failure in Belgium.

Consequences of Terrorist Attacks Targeting the Economy

The frequency of terror attacks which target economic installations in the Middle East has increased in recent times...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

“Farmajo’s crisis”

Following a period of relative calm, al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen movement (al-Shabaab) re-emerged on the scene in Somalia.

Dr. Ayman Shabana

Continued Confrontations

Will ISIS Employ New Terrorist Tactics?

The coming period may witness new patterns of terrorist attacks, carried out by ISIS or its sub-groups and sleeper cells.

Future for Advanced Research and Studies