Britain’s Earthquake

The political and economic implications of Brexit

Ongoing political and economic repercussions following the Brexit referendum results.

Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Restrained Condemnation

Messages and Trends in Britain’s MB position

The British government’s December 17 release marks an important shift in British official position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Electoral Shifts

Europe’s Future between Britain’s Decline and France’s Rise

The surprising results of British and French parliamentary elections reflect significant shifts in voters’ perceptions in the West.

Karen AbuelKheir

Different Calculations

European Countries’ Mechanisms for Dealing with the Gulf crisis

The European Union chose to deal with the Gulf crisis through maintaining what can be called “positive neutrality".

Bhaa Mahmoud

Mounting Threat

Future of Terrorism in Europe

FARAS held a workshop on May 31, 2017, titled "Future of Terrorism in Europe after Manchester Bombings.