Incitement to Violence on Social Networks in the Region

Transformation of social networks in some cases to a mechanism through which the spread of extremist views to incite violence...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

The “Militarization” of the Internet in the Syrian Conflict

The usage of the internet for military purposes has substantially evolved within recent decades...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

How ISIS Promotes its Terrorist Operations

Recently, ISIS has adopted a variety of means to promote its operations in areas under the group’s control...

Future for Advanced Research and Studies

Power of Twitter

Contradictory effects on Gulf public opinion

Exploring the various explanations for the popularity of Twitter in GCC countries.

Dr. Fatima Al-Zahraa Abdel Fattah

Misleading Ideology

How does the Terrorist Mindset Manifest on Social Networking Sites?

"Characteristics of the Terrorist Mindset as Reflected on Social Networking Sites" workshop held to discuss findings on FARAS research.